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Upgrading tracks into premium TUNES!

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'Get In The Grooves' is an electronic record label and music production studio, established in 2022 by DJ and Producer PeterV. Its core mission is to infuse the nightlife of Kraków and its environs with vibrant house and electronic music. The events organized by 'Get In The Grooves' predominantly feature DJ-hosted parties in Kraków, Poland.

"Our mission is to elevate tracks into premium TUNES and produce Groovy House & Electronic Music, setting the standard for exceptional sonic experiences."

Recently, 'Get In the Grooves' embarked on a journey to cater to the production, (re)mixing, and mastering requirements of labels, bands, and musicians eager to transform their melodies into dynamic, contemporary tracks. Our studio is meticulously equipped for electronic music production, ensuring a distinctive and gratifying sonic experience. We are dedicated to delivering projects of the utmost quality and are enthusiastic about collaborating with both local and international talents from our studio in Cracow. In addition to our mixing services, we offer professional DJ Equipment Rental Services in Cracow and its neighboring areas.

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"Why Opt for 'Get In The Grooves' for Your Production Requirements?"

Many artists pour their hearts into their music, yet sometimes their songs may lack the vitality or contemporary beats needed to break through in the electronic music scene. We specialize in refining or recreating your composition into a revitalized, modern (re)mix, perfectly suited for clubs, festivals, streaming, and radio airplay. Our goal is to refine your project into an impeccable track that not only embodies your artistic vision but also amplifies your visibility.

Currently, we're broadening our range of services. Our studio is furnished with specialized software and tools to deliver top-notch results. No matter the sonic landscape you aim to craft, we're here to assist you in maximizing the potential of your tracks and unleashing your creativity.


In addition to our (re)mixing and mastering services, we offer professional DJ Equipment Rental Services tailored for DJs, promoters, clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants in Kraków and the surrounding areas.

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