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Having received numerous inquiries via email asking about gig pricing, PeterV was prompted to create a comprehensive guide outlining DJ rates for visitors. To begin with, PeterV does not have a fixed fee for booked gigs. Setting specific rates in the industry (clubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, and other events) is challenging, as each gig is unique and influenced by various factors. This complexity is attributed to the multitude of elements that need to be taken into account. For a more detailed insight into DJ rates, you are invited to consult the guide provided below.


PeterV is a professional DJ and producer, having performed at various international venues throughout Europe, including prominent locations like Ibiza, The Canary Islands, the UK, Sweden, Hungary, and Poland, most recently. Ideally, PeterV is seeking collaboration with promoters, event managers, booking agents, and venue owners hosting public events. While PeterV is open to considering private company functions, opening parties like showcases, roadshows, fashion shows, etc., PeterV generally does not entertain requests for private individual events such as birthdays or weddings. Exceptions may be made under extraordinary circumstances or for exceptionally unique venues.


PeterV does not impose any travel costs for local gigs. Currently, PeterV is based in Kraków and is available to travel within a 8 km radius from the Main Square (Stare Miasto) without additional charges. While PeterV handles both local and nationwide, as well as international gigs, there may be additional expenses associated with the latter. It is important to note that the DJ should not be expected to cover the costs of attending and performing at your gig. Like any other business, PeterV has his own overhead expenses, including music purchases, licenses, software, technology, and travel costs. For national or international bookings, please inquire about the comprehensive price, which includes travel and accommodation expenses. Additionally, for international gigs, you will be responsible for airfare and airport arrangements. As a standard practice, PeterV always enters into a contractual agreement.


The cost may be influenced by the size of your venue and the door charge that is set. The price is determined based on factors like venue capacity, door charge, and the duration of PeterV's performance.


If you're inquiring about a possible resident DJ opportunity, PeterV offers a special pricing arrangement. This is because a regular gig represents ongoing work at an event, and it contributes to the establishment of a successful series of events that enhances PeterV's reputation and brand. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement. Additionally, aiming to foster long-term partnerships with collaborators, whether they are agents, promoters, or venues. In the case of a one-time gig, PeterV will still provide you with a fair price, taking into account your specific request, his experience, and availability.


The length of time you require PeterV to perform will have an impact on the cost. Typically, DJ sets range from one to four hours, but PeterV is known for doing sessions of five hours or longer. PeterV usually establishes a fixed rate based on the agreed-upon duration that suits your requirements. For instance, it's customary to arrange a flat fee for the specific hours PeterV will be playing. There's no need to account for set-up time - he will simply arrive and perform (Plug-In & Play) - unless you require DJ equipment as well, which PeterV will be happy to discuss and provide for you if needed.


Frequently, individuals overlook the agent fees associated with hiring a DJ, which can increase the overall expense. This is because DJs typically have to allocate a 10-15% fee, or even more, to their agent. Consequently, when booking a DJ through an agency, it's probable that they will charge you 10-20% more to compensate for this additional cost. This is one of the reasons why we highly recommend booking PeterV here, directly through his official website. This way, you only pay the DJ's fee without any extra charges.


If you haven't encountered a rider before, it's likely that you own a smaller venue or have been involved in organizing small-scale events rather than festivals. Since PeterV frequently receives the question "What is a DJ rider?" he's attempted to provide a summary here. There are two types of riders.

The first is a tech rider, which outlines the necessary equipment for the gig. PeterV typically requests Pioneer CDJs & Mixers, as they are the industry standard and many clubs already have this setup in place (negotiable, specific details provided in his tech rider). If your venue lacks this equipment, PeterV can provide professional equipment for a small additional fee or alternatively you can arrange for its rental.

The second type is a personal rider, which includes requests for drinks and food. Please don't worry, PeterV doesn't make extravagant demands, but having some mineral water, a few drinks, and a meal (applies to nationwide events, international gigs, and sessions over 5 hours) is considered standard for longer performances by any type of artist. If you feel these requests are excessive, it might be a good time to consider another artist for the event. DJs are human too, with the same basic needs as anyone else. Just imagine working for 6-8 hours without a break, food, or drinks. If the artist isn't provided with the basics, it won't be a successful performance. Nevertheless, PeterV appreciates your consideration and thanks you for visiting!

For reference, according to Mixmag, if you were to hire a worldwide DJ like Calvin Harris, his rider might include items like:

  • Bottle of hand sanitiser

  • Gluten-free snacks

  • Selection of fruits

  • Starbucks coffee

  • Other drinks

  • Bath towels

Similarly, Fatboy Slim's rider may include:

  • 6 aerosol-type airhorns

  • Suggestions for entertaining activities during downtime

  • 1 jar of self-righteous peanut butter from a health food store

  • 1 pint of fat-free milk

  • 1 loaf of pumpernickel or another wheat-free bread option

  • 6 energy bars (Clif energy bars are preferred)

  • 1 coffee/tea set-up (decent instant coffee/English tea, something decaf, and something hippy)

  • Proper plates, cutlery, napkins, real glasses, and the usual condiments would be appreciated. "This isn't a Justin Bieber show; we're all house-trained... to an extent"

  • 1 medium-sized cheese selection with biscuits

  • 1 large bowl of fruit

  • 1 case of still mineral water (local favorites are fine)

After reviewing these lists, providing a few drinks doesn't seem like an unreasonable request, does it?


  • In-depth musical expertise

  • Over 15 years of professional DJing across various European venues

  • Distinctive Style & Seamless Harmonic Mixing

  • Delivering top-tier music in ultra high-quality formats (.aiff, .wav) to ensure the highest sound fidelity with a wide dynamic range

  • What could be worse than a no-show? PeterV has rarely canceled any gigs in the past decade.

  • He's a powerhouse. While most DJs perform 2-3 hour sessions, if you require a 5-8 hour set, it's no issue!

  • Last, but not least, PeterV holds a valid license provided by ZAiKS, STOART, and ZPAV, allowing him to legally use copied recordings for DJing purposes.

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Do you have doubts? Check out what our partners say below!


Thanks for taking your time and reading the guide,

PeterV Official.

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F.A.Q. Testimonials
Gabor Lutz - Venue Owner Testimonial.jpg

Gábor Lutz
Venue Owner

"Mr. PeterV is a creative, reliable and correct partner. He’s been broadening the musical profile of the ‘Sikk Klub’ with his unique style for many years. He also served the needs of our clients on occasional private events, with absolute humility when it was needed. His musical literacy exceeds other contemporary DJs’. Additionally, his open-mindset, wide experience, high-level perception altogether added to form the best possible relationships with our guests. Partly due to this, under a relatively short time he managed to gather a bigger and bigger fan base, by which he also populated the community of our club with regulars. I’m deeply sorry that he moved abroad.

I couldn’t fill his position up ever since, with a like-minded and skilled DJ.. He is missed from the club and we welcome him back anytime. "

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