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You’ve Got Questions — We’ve Got Answers


We get many emails asking us “How much do you charge for a gig?” therefore we’ve now decided to add a guide about our prices for our visitors. Firstly, there is no set price for a gig booked with us. It’s really not easy to give set rates in our field (clubs, bars, hotels, restaurants or other events). Every gig is different. This is partly due to the many things to consider. You can have a better understanding about our DJ rates by checking out our guide below.


Peter V is DJ / producer with international gig experience across Europe, including but not limited to Ibiza, The Canary Islands, UK, Sweden, Hungary and Poland most recently. Ideally, you’re a promoter, event manager, booking agent, venue owner who’s looking for our services and your event is open for the public. We also happy to consider private company events, opening parties such as showcases, roadshows, fashion shows etc., however we are not interested in private parties of individuals (such as birthdays or weddings) by default. We would only consider these requests under extraordinary circumstances and/or unique locations.


We will not charge any travel costs if the gig is local. At the moment Peter V holds his residency in Kraków. For instance, in Kraków will usually travel anywhere inside a 5 km radius from the Main Square (Stare Miasto) without extra charges. We deal with not only local, but various nationwide and international gigs as well. These bookings will cost you in expense fees. It shouldn’t be costing the DJ to come and play your gig! We have our own expenses, such as buying music, licences, software, tech, travel costs etc. just like any other businesses. Before booking for a national or international gig ask for the full price (including travel costs and accommodation)! In addition to travel costs, you will need to pay a hotel for the night. Especially if it is a long way to travel home again. If you are booking Peter V for an international gig, you will need to pay air fare (and arrange airport pick-ups). As above, we always sign a contract.


The size of your venue (and also what you charge on the door) may affect the cost. We try to work out a price going by venue capacity, door price and how long Peter V is playing.


If you’re inquiring about a potential resident DJ gig, we will charge you a special price. You might ask why. First of all, it means regular work at an event, and additionally building up a successful series of events helps building our name and brand. It’s a win-win. We are also trying to create long-term relationships with our partners, whether it’s with an agent, promoter or venue. If it’s a one-off gig we will still charge you a reasonable price based on your inquiry, our experience and availability.


The number of hours you want Peter V on the decks will affect the cost. Most DJs sets are from one to four hours. Peter V often does a 5 hours session or longer. We usually charge a fixed rate for the time we agree on, based on your needs. For example, it’s common that we agree a flat price for a given hours Peter V will play for. Unlike private event or wedding DJs, you will not have to factor in set up time. He will just turn up and perform (Plug-In & Play).


People often forget about the agent fees when booking a DJ. It could add to your expenses of hiring a DJ. This is because DJs usually have to pay a 10-15% fee to their agent. Sometimes more. So, it’s likely that a DJ hired through an agency will charge you 10-20% more to make up for the loss. Partly that’s why we encourage You to book Peter V directly through our webpage! This means you only pay the cost of the DJ (nothing more).


If you haven’t seen a rider yet, it is likely that you’re an owner of a smaller venue or have been promoting small scale events rather than festivals. Since we also get the following question quite often: “What is a DJ rider?” we tried to summarize it here. There are two types of riders. 


tech rider including what equipment is required for the gig. We mostly ask for Pioneer CDJs & Mixers (like most DJs) since it’s the industry standard, and many clubs have this setup by default anyway (negotiable, details provided in tech rider). If your venue does not have the equipment you will have to hire it for the gig. We are able to bring our own for a small extra fee on certain occasions.

The other type is a personal rider including drinks and food. Don’t panic, we don’t go crazy here, asking for a 3-course dinner for a team of 5, but some mineral water / a few drinks and a meal (applies to nationwide events, international gigs and sessions over 5 hours) are simply the base for longer performances for any kind of artist. If you feel we are asking for too much, maybe this is the time to consider someone else for the event. A DJ is human too, with the same basic needs as anyone else, imagine yourself working 6-8 hours, standing with no a break, food or drinks. If you don’t respect the artist by providing the bare minimum, then it’s not going to work out for us, still thank you for your consideration and visiting!


Just for a reference, according to Mixmag, if you were to hire a worldwide DJ like Calvin Harris, his rider may ask for: 

  • Bottle of hand sanitiser

  • Gluten free snacks

  • Selection of Fruits

  • Starbucks coffee

  • Other drinks

  • Bath towels


Fatboy Slim’s rider usually include:

  • 6x aerosol-type airhorns

  • Some local inspiration on entertaining ways to pass a little time

  • 1 x jar of self-righteous peanut butter from a health food store

  • 1 pint of fat-free millk

  • 1 loaf of pumpernickel or some other wheat-fre bread that isn't made of cardboard 6 energy bars Clif energy bars are favourites

  • 1 coffee/tea set-up (decent instant coffee/English tea something decaf and something hippy)

  • Proper plates, cutlery, napkins, real glasses and the usual condiments would be appreciated. This is not a Justin Bieber show; we are all house-trained... well, to an extent

  • 1 medium-sized cheese selection with biscuits

  • 1 big-assed bowl of fruit

  • 1 x case of still mineral water local favourite is fine


After having a look at those lists, providing a few drinks doesn’t seem like an exaggeration, does it?


  • Extremely wide musical knowledge

  • More than 15 years of professional DJing experience at various venues across Europe

  • Unique Style & Flawless Harmonic Mixing

  • Playing ultra high-quality music (.aiff, .wav) to put the best sounds with wide dynamic ranges on

  • What could be possibly worse than a no-show? Peter V barely cancelled any gigs over the last decade.

  • He's a machine. Most djs do 2-3 hours sessions. Do you need a 5-8hrs. set? No problem!

Ready to Get a Quote from Us?

If you need a DJ for your event, and happy with the above (maybe you have some more questions) don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Do you have doubts? Check out what our partners say below!


Thanks for taking your time and reading the guide,

The Team at Peter V Official.

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F.A.Q. Testimonials
Gabor Lutz - Venue Owner Testimonial.jpg

Gábor Lutz
Venue Owner

"Mr. Peter V is a creative, reliable and correct partner. He’s been broadening the musical profile of the ‘Sikk Klub’ with his unique style for many years. He also served the needs of our clients on occasional private events, with absolute humility when it was needed. His musical literacy exceeds other contemporary DJs’. Additionally, his open-mindset, wide experience, high-level perception altogether added to form the best possible relationships with our guests. Partly due to this, under a relatively short time he managed to gather a bigger and bigger fan base, by which he also populated the community of our club with regulars. I’m deeply sorry that he moved abroad.

I couldn’t fill his position up ever since, with a like-minded and skilled DJ.. He is missed from the club and we welcome him back anytime. "

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