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Merging an unparalleled love for music with his innate ability for seamless, harmonic mixing, PeterV delivers a distinctive and innovative performance at his gigs.

Peter V-DJ-Producer-Photo
Peter V-Live-Bay-Bar-Ibiza-San-Antonio
Peter V-Live-Ibiza-Sansu-Sushi-Opening
Peter V-Performing-Live-Sikk-Klub

PeterV has always possessed a natural musical talent. From an early age, he displayed a keen aptitude for playing a variety of instruments. As time progressed, his passion shifted towards DJing while still cherishing his musical roots. His dedication to refining his technical musical abilities, deepening theoretical knowledge, and honing production techniques remains strong. He now anticipates reaching new heights of success in his musical journey.

About PeterV

Through the transformative power of music, PeterV has a passion for connecting with a diverse audience of music enthusiasts and dedicated musicians alike. From a young age, PeterV has discovered immense joy and fulfillment in actively participating in the creative musical journey.



Gabor Lutz - Venue Owner Testimonial.jpg

Gábor Lutz
Venue Owner

"Mr. Peter V is a creative, reliable and correct partner. He’s been broadening the musical profile of the ‘Sikk Klub’ with his unique style for many years. He also served the needs of our clients on occasional private events, with absolute humility when it was needed. His musical literacy exceeds other contemporary DJs’. Additionally, his open-mindset, wide experience, high-level perception altogether added to form the best possible relationships with our guests. Partly due to this, under a relatively short time he managed to gather a bigger and bigger fan base, by which he also populated the community of our club with regulars. I’m deeply sorry that he moved abroad.

I couldn’t fill his position up ever since, with a like-minded and skilled DJ.. He is missed from the club and we welcome him back anytime. "


PeterV offers professional DJ Equipment Rental Services tailored for DJs, promoters, clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants in Kraków and the surrounding areas.

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